Congratulatory Message

Honorable Jane Bainomugisha

Dear Ibanda people

Am immensely grateful to you all for your contributions that made our victory come to pas

To those who supported me, I would like to express heartfelt to you for your time, prayers, effort, and resources generously contributed

To those who were candidates and their supporters. I would like to thank you for your good, ideas .positive crisinm and full participation

But above all, glory is to God who made it possible and protected our victory. If you Love God and have faith in him, then everything is possible.

Now that I have been nominated as NRM flag bearer for Ibanda District Woman MP 2021-2026

I would like to share my thoughts. We cannot do anything about the past but we cannot let the future take us by surprise

This is the time to share again our dream and profound Hope for the future
The future that includes but not limited to,

1. Better and affordable Education services
2 Better health services
3.Improved agriculture and food security for our people
5.clean environment and infrastructure
6.increased household incomes

There is no time like right now to elect leaders that will think ahead, put in place good laws and policies and mobilize people to come together and speak with the same voice, act with one purpose, and do our best

To achieve the above we must also be prepared for a paradigm shift and have a positive mindset agree on a set of values that will guide us.
I kindly request you to promote the following values with ancorynm PRINT
1.positive communication
2. Respect for all
4.Networking and partnership
5.Team work

I appeal to you all to support my candidature and vote for me and also support NRM and HE YKMuseveni

I promise to give you the best service. Shall devote every effort to lead our people, represent them effectively and mobilize for development and unity

Thank you for your support

Right time, Right choice
Vote Bainomugisha Jane
Long live Ibanda people
Long live NRM
Long live our beloved President HE Y.K.Museveni

God bless you