Jane shall effectively debate and participate in passing laws and policies that will positively govern our county and promote development, peace, justice, fairness, equal opportunities, gender responsive and investments that will create jobs and revenue


Effective representation in parliament will be about voicing national and constituents’ views and concerns.

I shall continue to hold consultative meetings with constituents and update them on the activities of Parliament and government policies, and gather their views and concerns on issues, which affect their livelihood.

I shall be sensitizing local leaders and working closely with them to know the most pressing issues and devising redress. This will help us to streamline district administration, and the people will be aware of the objectives of government programs. There is no doubt that steady development starts with inclusive and appropriate policy formation and implementation through good governance.

Oversight role

Further, it is also important to fulfill the oversight role as an MP to ensure proper implementation of the policies and government projects, both; central and local Projects for the intended people or groups to benefit. I shall effectively monitor and advise on the implementation of Government programs/projects to ensure that the products and services are received by the right people, at the right place and right time and that there is value for money and avoid corruption tendencies of diversion, misappropriation, extortion, bribery and others.

Creating awareness using the local media like Local radio stations, political and public arenas on the duty and rights, services and products people should expect from government. This will greatly improve good practices of equality, integrity, accountability from leaders, political neutrality and shared benefits from the budget.

Budget approval/Appropriation

I shall be part of team that will be analyzing the Budget Frame work papers, Ministerial policy statements and pass the national Budget Our people need better service delivery through proper and inclusive planning and resource allocation. I shall advocate for the sectors like health, education, agriculture, skilling and Page 11 empowerment programs for women and young girls, and ensure that micro-finance groups are strengthened and prioritized. Networking and lobbying “Your network is your net worth”, so is said by great men. My distinguished intra and interpersonal abilities will be maximally used to create, strengthen and sustain networks with local, national and the word outside. Through these networks, we will be able to attract and tap in various development opportunities in form of grants, donations and partnerships to make the sectors better and improve the life of all people. Partnerships with local and international agencies would help us lobby scholarships for our children, have more tools and equipment in our health units and schools, more empowerment programmes for women and girls to radically change their welfare. Most importantly, is to establish a more reliable and swift feedback mechanism between government and the people of Ibanda through local leadership. Also, ensuring that Women continue to be great models right from their families to national spaces in all spheres of life. When there is a good working network, we can break all the huge barriers of poverty, illiteracy, food insecurity, unemployment, domestic violence, corruption among others.