About Us


Jane K. Bainomugisha is a woman and youth advocate. She is married, a mother, church lay leader and has Master’s degree in Public Administration and Management, and, is a go-getter. Having worked at the political secretariat of National Youth Council under Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development for many years as a Head of the program advocating for youth interests (male and female), Jane K. Bainomugisha has a history of excellence, and holds the public interest very close to her heart. She has set her standards very high and thinks ahead for the better future of Ibanda, Uganda and Africa and will continue to advocate and work for Unity, effective representation, better lives of our people and equal opportunities for all. 

My Message

Having been approached by Ibanda District electorate with a request of representing them as a Women Member of Parliament on NRM party ticket and having consulted many key stakeholders and analyzed the urge for effective representation for the constituency, the urgent need to mobilize and unite our people for development and better service delivery to our citizens, Jane K.Bainomugisha has agreed to stand as a woman Member of Parliament representing Ibanda District for the period 2021-2026 It is indeed a privilege to share my thoughts with you, the Ibanda residents, on my grand vision and mission to move our district’s socio-economic agenda forward through delivering a strong, prosperous economy and a modern secure district. Our plan is to build a stronger Ibanda by building a stronger economy though industrialization, commercial agriculture, Education, training and skilling of our people, a cleaner environment, better health services and modern infrastructure. My priority is to build a stronger more productive and diverse economy through rural chain development towards increasing agriculture and a more productive business sector that will deliver more jobs and better services for all the citizens of our district.