Unity prays a key role in development

Overcoming the barriers of Violence in all its forms could be a big step towards socio-economic development and liberation. Streamlining legal processes to ensure justice and fairness through campaigns and advocacy could silence the issue of violence. We need to choose, work hard, have respect for one another, respect the rule of law and peace building and coexistence but not violence. Development takes its roots from stable and secure families and it blossoms. United we stand, divided we fall.

Team Jane shall be the champion of Unity in diversity and shall walk the talk.

Unity among various Religions Team

Jane shall promote unity among Catholics, Anglicans, Born again Christians, Muslims, SDAs, and other affiliations.

Unity among various Tribes

Team Jane shall promote unity among the various tribes in Ibanda district.

Unity among Constituencies of Ibanda District

Team Jane shall promote unity among the three constituencies of Ibanda District